Corridor Ventures is a real estate investment firm with a focus on developing, acquiring & managing real estate assets across the Eastern & Central United States.


Property Management

Corridor Property Management maintains a hands-on approach and visits all sites on a regular basis to ensure that on-site productivity and performance are in line with expectations, structuring the budgeting process not only to set high goals, but to also improve property revenues and reduce expenses.


Asset Management

Corridor Asset Management employs a team of highly skilled and experienced financial and real estate managers who successfully combine the entrepreneurial speed, creativity and ability to foster relationships with the structured discipline, persistence and the mindful approach of a large institutional asset manager. This strategy is how Corridor Asset Management distinguishes itself from others in the market.


Real Estate

Corridor Ventures, Inc. is an entrepreneurial real estate company with vast experience developing, acquiring, financing, repositioning, and managing real estate assets across the Eastern and Midwestern United States. For the past six years, Corridor's concentration has been on building its portfolio of multifamily and off-campus student housing, and has bought and sold over $300 million in assets during that period. In the process, Corridor has delivered annualized returns to investors that have averaged over 42% on realized transactions.