Corridor Ventures is a real estate investment firm with a focus on developing, acquiring & managing real estate assets across the Eastern & Central United States.



Corridor is focused on effectively leveraging acquisition and finance experience in pursuit of investment value creation opportunities and the growth of an expansive investor network.
We provide professional and caring property management, have a well trained and creative team of experts who continually seek to provide an exceptional rental experience for our residents, positive ROI for our investors, and a rewarding workplace for our employees.


Conducting business efficiently, ethically, profitably and continuing to be an enjoyable company to work for and do business with will make Corridor Property Management an example of high-quality professional property management in the industry.


Corridor values are centered around the many things that separate a good company from a truly great company. We value dedication and loyalty to our clients and our team. We believe in caring, in recognizing every contribution and that acting with respect and dignity is the only way forward. We aspire to cultivate and lead a team of superstar employees and a culture that fosters collaboration and creativity. We value shareholders and investors and the trust they have in our continued focus on profitability and growth.



Corridor Ventures principals, Dan Joseph and Hagan Brown, have each averaged over 20 years of experience in real estate and private equity investing while upholding and developing strong investor relations. Areas of expertise include structuring, negotiating and closing acquisitions in all real estate asset classes with a particular strength in multifamily and student housing markets.


Founded in 2002, our investor group, comprised of a broad network of accredited families and individuals, as well as small institutions, has grown meaningfully over time. Corridor Ventures is positioned for ongoing expansion as we seek to selectively develop and build our portfolio of real estate investments.



Corridor Ventures has, and will always, seek to create profits and increase asset value by investing in attractively priced, income-producing properties that meet strict underwriting criteria, and that can be improved by our active participation.


Corridor Ventures, Inc. follows a long-term strategy to create a deeply skilled, multifaceted real estate enterprise with client relationships and assets across the United States. Corridor's concentration has been on building its portfolio of conventional multifamily and off-campus student housing, and has bought and sold over $300 million in assets.